Outdoor Planters

Looking for the best modern outdoor planters for your patio or yard? Algreen Products carries a wide selection of outdoor flower pots specially designed to keep your plants growing and thriving. We use recycled and sustainable materials to make our planters in order to create an environmentally-friendly product.

Large Outdoor Planters

Whether you are looking to grow a vegetable garden on your patio or want to add some colour to your space with vibrant flowers, Algreen makes large outdoor planters for every type of container gardening.

Tall Outdoor Planters

If you want to grow trailing plants like lobelias or fuchsia, a tall planter is the best container  choice because it gives the plants room to trail down over the sides of the container.  



Modern Outdoor Planters

If you prefer a modern look to your outdoor planters, Algreen has an array of sleek, modern styles. Modern, minimalist design in materials like stainless steel showcases your plants and gives your patio or yard a streamlined look.

Square Outdoor Planters

Square planters are great for smaller patios or balconies because they save space and can be tucked into a corner. Algreen makes square planters in a variety of sizes, designs, and materials, so there is sure to be an option that fits your preferences.