How (and Why) to Use a Composter

Hands holding out compost-enriched soil.

If you are thinking about composting but aren’t sure, read on to learn why composting is a smart, simple solution for gardening and reducing waste.

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Benefits of Using a Composter

Enriched Soil for Planting

Using a composter provides you with plenty of nutrient-rich soil amendment that you can add to your garden or planters. This helps your plants grow better and thrive, and means that you don’t have to spend money on plant food or bags and bags of enriched garden soil. Algreen’s SoilSaver composter is a great option designed specifically to produce organic, nutrient-rich soil amendment in just 6-8 weeks.

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Environmentally-Friendly Way to Get Rid of Waste

Using a composter is a way of doing your part to save the environment. By composting, you are getting rid of a massive amount of household waste in a sustainable way that actually goes back to the earth and nourishes the soil as opposed to just going to a landfill. 

How to Use a Composter

To use a composter, simply add all of your organic household waste to the bin. To encourage decomposition, you will need to “tumble” or move around your compost regularly in order to get air flow through your compost. This helps it to break down faster and produces better, more nutrient-rich compost for amending your soil. In order to tumble your compost, you can either use a shovel to move the compost around by hand or choose a tumbling composter that does all of the work for you. Whatever type of composter you choose, make sure that you close it securely after adding waste to it, in order to prevent pests such as rats from getting in.

Ready to try your hand at composting? Algreen carries a variety of composters in different styles and sizes to meet your needs.

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