How to Stop Killing Your Houseplants: Tips for Black-Thumb Gardeners

Woman in a room full of houseplants.

Are you a black-thumb gardener? Do you seem to kill every houseplant you bring home, no matter what? Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up on plant ownership altogether! Anyone can enjoy the benefits with these simple tips–yes, even you!

Pick the Right Plants

If you have a hard time keeping houseplants alive, the problem might be that you’re choosing plants with more complicated needs. Make sure that you pick plants that are easy to care for and suited to beginner plant parents. That means choosing plants that aren’t picky about how much water or light they get and can handle a bit of neglect. The following houseplants are super low maintenance and a good choice for folks who don’t have the best track record with plants.

  • Pothos
  • Air plants
  • Succulents
  • Philodendron 

Don’t Overwater

Many people are so worried about not watering their plants enough that they end up watering them too much, which can also kill them. Pay attention to the watering instructions for your plant and, as a general rule, only water it when the soil feels dry to the touch. To make watering easier, get self-watering planters that will sense when to water a plant and provide the exact right amount of water.

Shop Self-Watering Planters

Remove Dead Bits

If you notice dry, brown leaves on your houseplants, remove those as you see them. It’s natural for plants to have a few brown or dead leaves, but your plant will do better if you take these off. Removing the dead foliage will allow the rest of the plant to absorb more nutrients and produce new growth. Use sharp scissors to cut off dead or dying leaves at the base.

Don’t Give Up!

Remember, even the best gardeners have lost a plant here and there. Don’t let a few failures stop you from enjoying the satisfying hobby of growing houseplants. Keep trying different beginner-friendly plants and following the steps outlined above and before you know it, you’ll see your thumb turn from black to green!