Best Plants for a Sunny Patio

Lantana flowers in the sun.

If you have a very sunny patio or balcony, it can be hard to find plants that can survive the heat. Luckily, there are some plants that not only can handle a lot of hot sun, they thrive in it. Check out our list of sun-loving plants and choose these for your balcony container garden.

The Best Sun-Loving Plants


This plant loves heat and sun, making it a perfect addition to any full-sun patio garden. Lantana produces brightly colored flowers in a number of vibrant hues, and you can choose a variety with variegated foliage for even more color.

Bonus: lantana flowers attract butterflies, so you can look forward to some colorful visitors on your patio!


While often known as larger shrubs, hydrangea plants also thrive in containers, so these are a wonderful addition to a patio garden. Choose a dwarf variety for the best results in a container and water frequently to prevent wilting. 


Geraniums come in a wide range of different varieties and bold, brilliant colors. Choose a heat-tolerant variety for best results and enjoy healthy, gorgeous blooms even at the height of summer.


Cosmos have large blooms that look similar to daisies but come in a range of colors. Place in full sun and water moderately. Remove dead flowers regularly to keep these sun-loving plants happily blooming into the fall.


Succulents thrive in high-sun, low-water environments, making them the perfect choice for your sunny patio. Succulents are also known for being super easy to grow in containers–just make sure they have proper drainage and watch them thrive!

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