The 5 Best Houseplants for Low Light

There’s nothing like a houseplant to brighten up those dark, lifeless areas of your home, but which houseplants will actually survive in those spots? These 5 houseplants are easy to care for and thrive in low-light locations.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are striking looking with their tall spiky leaves and variegated green colour patterns. They are also incredibly low maintenance because they do not need much light or a lot of water. In fact, the most common way to kill a snake plant is by overwatering it! Don’t worry too much about your snake plant, simply set it somewhere in partial or full shade and only water when the soil is dry to the touch.


Philodendrons are popular because they do well in rooms with little natural light, do not require frequent watering (once every 10-14 days should do it), and have lush green foliage that brings a pop of nature to any space. These plants have long trailing vines, making them a good candidate to place on high shelves or window sills so that the plant can spill over the edge.


Pothos thrive in conditions with very low or no natural light and require very little water, making them a perfect starter plant for those new to houseplants or for those who simply can’t seem to keep most plants alive. Pothos is also a great option for that one dark corner of your house that doesn’t get any light. 

English Ivy

English ivy isn’t the best thing to plant outdoors because it is invasive and will take over your whole garden, but as a houseplant it is beautiful and easy to maintain. Place it somewhere with partial, indirect light. English ivy likes a humid environment, so mist the leaves with water periodically in addition to watering from the bottom.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies have large, glossy, dark green leaves and elegant white blooms. They are very easy to care for and do well in partial to full shade. They will wilt dramatically if they do not get enough water, but don’t worry if this happens! Simply give your peace lily a good soak and it should perk back up.

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