Hardy Succulents to Grow in Containers

Three succulents with soil surrounding them on a white surface.

These easy-care, hardy succulents thrive in containers and can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Succulents to Choose


Aeonium, also called Houseleek, are large rosette-shaped succulents with a visually striking red color. They produce white flowers in late winter and early spring. This succulent dies after it flowers, but don’t worry! It grows offsets, or “pup plants” that will grow after the parent plant flowers and dies.


Part of the Stonecrop family, echeveria come in a number of different varieties and colors and are characterized by their classic rosette shape. This is one of the most popular succulents because it is so easy to grow and it comes in such a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes.


Haworthia is a visually appealing succulent with pointed green spires marked by bright white stripes. These stripes are what give it its other common name, “zebra plant.” Haworthia prefers full sun and sandy soil and is easy to overwater, so make sure that you provide it with good drainage.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a bright green succulent that has tall spiky leaves and grows best in sandy soil with good drainage. Aloe is a pretty addition to any container garden, plus it has medicinal benefits! Next time you get a sunburn or want to speed up the healing of a cut, crack open an aloe leaf and apply the clear gel inside directly to your skin on the affected area.

These are just a few of the easiest, most popular succulents to grow in containers, but there are plenty of other options out there as well. Check out your local nursery for lots of interesting succulents to grow in your container garden.

Tips for Growing Succulents in Containers

Choose a Planter with Good Drainage

Succulents are native to areas that don’t get a lot of rain, which means that they can be overwatered easily and require good drainage to grow properly. Choose a planter that has proper drainage to keep your succulents healthy and happy. All Algreen planters have drainage ports built in to prevent water pooling and root rot.

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Use the Right Soil

Succulents, unlike many plants, prefer sandy soil. Sand helps to promote drainage and keep succulents’ roots healthy. You can add sand to any good potting soil mix to create your own blend, or buy a potting soil mix made especially for succulents.

Check Sun Requirements

Most succulents like bright, direct sunlight, so many people assume that all of them do, but that’s not true! Some types of succulent prefer indirect sun or partial shade, so make sure that you check the specific light requirements for each succulent you buy, and plant varieties with similar requirements together in the same container.

Ready to get growing? Pick up some containers today and start planting your own succulent patio garden!

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