How Planting a Garden Benefits the Environment

A woman working in her garden

Not only is gardening an enjoyable hobby, it’s also good for the environment! Here’s how you will help the environment just by planting your own garden.

Improves & Replenishes Soil

When you plant a garden in your yard, the roots of the plants work to conserve soil and replenish its nutrients. The root systems help to bind soil together, making it less likely to wash away during heavy rains or flooding. The more plants you have growing, the more soil is conserved. Plants also supply soil with nutrients and moisture.

Reduces Waste

You can reduce the amount of waste you create by using a composter in your garden. Turning your kitchen food scraps into compost is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of them as opposed to sending them to a landfill. Algreen sells a variety of home composters and soil digesters for any type of garden.

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Protects Pollinators & Local Wildlife

Growing a garden is beneficial to local wildlife and pollinators like butterflies, bees, and birds. Gardens are an important food source and also provide shelter for local wildlife, including insects, birds, and small mammals like squirrels. This is more and more important because increased urbanization has taken away a lot of natural habitats for wildlife in cities, so planting a garden in your yard can create a safe space for wildlife in an urban setting.

Reduces Co2

Global warming is caused by increased Co2, a greenhouse gas that is produced by various sources, especially the use of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. Plants actually absorb Co2 and turn it into oxygen, so the more plants that we all grow collectively, the more we can help fight climate change.

If you are interested in helping the environment through gardening, check out our selection of garden products including planters, composters, and water features. We are a proud partner of One Tree Planted. For every Algreen Signature product that is purchased, a tree is planted in an area that has been impacted by wildfire.

Learn more about One Tree Planted here.

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