Fruits and Veggies That Grow in Containers

Want to grow an edible container on your patio? There are lots of fruits and vegetables that thrive in small containers. Here are our favourite edible plants that are easy to grow in containers.


Lettuce grows quickly and easily in pots and it is wonderful to be able to harvest fresh-grown lettuce right from your patio to make a side salad with dinner. Opt for loose leaf lettuce varieties or Romaine because they don’t need as much space to grow as head lettuce. Keep soil moist but do not overwater. 

Lettuce growing in a wood planter.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a great choice for container gardening because they yield a ton of fruit and don’t need a lot of space. Choose a variety specifically designed for patio gardens, such as “Tiny Tim.” Cherry tomatoes love heat, so place the container in a warm, sunny spot.

Close up of cherry tomatoes growing.


Because strawberries do not need much space to grow and spill out over containers attractively, they are a great pick for vertical gardens, hanging baskets, or wall planters. Strawberries have roots that will grow in every direction, so make sure that you thoroughly bury the roots when you plan them. Strawberry plants are sensitive to overly moist soil, so make sure that you are using a container that has good drainage, such as one of Algreen’s planters.

Strawberry plant growing in a hanging basket.

Chili Peppers

Chilli peppers come in a number of varieties, colours, and spice levels. They are a great choice for a patio garden because they are bright and aesthetically appealing, and you will get a lot of peppers from one small plant. Some pepper plants grow quite tall and will benefit from having stakes added to their container to support the plant. Chilli peppers like lots of sun, so place your container in an area that gets full sun.

 Red chili peppers growing in a pot.

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