Miryal Mycorrhizae Inoculant with Patented Active Endo Living Spores 2.64lbs/42.24 oz Pail

Composters & Soil Ammendment
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Miryal®’s mycorrhizae have existed below the surface of soil, providing connecting webs of root systems Between plants for millions of years, long before plants had “help,” from man-made products. Today, All plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables & grasses face many stresses such as infertile soils, diseases, drought, extreme temperatures, competition & man-made chemicals.

Miryal® is composed of mycorrhizae that help plant species adapt strategies to exist in the varying environment surrounding them. Miryal® helps the roots grow tiny filaments that trap mineral nutrients & water essential to the growth needs. Miryal®’s mycorrhizae attaches & becomes part of the cells of the roots of the plants & effectively become extensions of the root system itself.

By adding Miryal® to the soil, the plant root system become more effective in aiding nutrient & water absorption. Miryal® stimulates the plant to produce additional fibrous roots. Miryal® partners with the roots to cause the absorption of essential NATURAL nutrients into the that dissolve hard to capture elements such as phosphorus, iron & other “tightly bound soil nutrients. Other nutrients produced by Miryal® include enzymes to breakdown organic carbon & Nitrogen.

Miryal® is very important to plants for this nutrient uptake to capture & helps to assimilate nutrients & water, conserving the ability of soils to remain productive during periods of stress in plantings where non irrigated conditions exist, Miryal® plants are under far less drought stress compared to non Miryal® plants. Disease & pathogen suppression is another benefit For a plant with Miryal®. Miryal®’s mycorrhizae attack pathogens or disease organisms entering the root zone.

Release of specific Probiotics produced by miryal immobilizes & weakens disease organisms & these Probiotics form a protecting barrier on the plant roots. In addition, Miryal® plants have roots, that are tightly interwoven & covered with smaller, denser roots that act as a physical barrier against the Invasion of root diseases Miryal® also improves soil structure by positively influencing the growth of plants by promoting aeration, water movement into soil, & root growth. In sandy, clay based or compacted soils The ability of Miryal® to promote soil structure may be the most important factor for improving plant performance. By adding Miryal® to plants, they will grow an extensive root system causing a successful transplantation.

Miryal® will reduce the cost & use of watering, fertilizing & Pesticide use as Miryal® plants can naturally protect themselves from disease & harsh conditions. Miryal® plants grow strong, beautiful & resilient for their lifetime.

  • The only mycorrhizae with active living endo spores. Provides unparalleled seedling growth.
  • Enables plants to grow strong, healthy disease resistant and massive root system
  • Packed with probiotics and minerals. Provides Increased pathogen protection
  • Reduces cost and use of watering, fertilizing and pesticide
  • OMRI listed for USA/Canada and CFIA certified for Canada
  • Expansive filament growth facilitates unparalleled water and nutrient absorption capacity. Allows plants to break down and absorb nutrients as needed
  • For farmers, vegetable growers, landscapers, plant and tree nurseries, gardeners, golf courses, etc.