CrystalFlo All-in-One Pond Filter System, 400 GPH Pond and Fountain Head Kit

Water Gardening
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Algreen's CrystalFlo Pump with Pond Filter & UV Clarifier is an all-in-one unit that maintains cleanliness in your water garden. The CrystalFlo has both mechanical and biological filters as well as a UV light to kill floating algae. This unit is fully submersible and features a ball joint to level the fountain heads.

  • Unique all-in-one pump/clarifier filtration system with fountain heads
  • 9 watt UV lamp sterilizer to kill algae
  • Includes mechanical and biological filtration
  • Product Dimensions are 11" x 16" x 5.5" High
  • Includes 4 fountain heads/12" telescopic riser and diverter