Avonlea Pond Kit with 200 GPH Pump, Fountain Head Kit, Superglo and Lillies

Water Gardening
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Algreen's all-in-one pond kit includes all the materials needed for your pond. The Avonlea pond is constructed using 100% recycled material and is also recyclable. The Avonlea includes shelves that allow for placement of water plants. This Pond kit features a pond pump, 2 fountain heads and lighting. Eliminate the guess work such as pump sizing, etc., with our all in one, Avonlea pond kit.

  • Avonlea non toxic rigid pond liner
  • 200 GPH pond pump with Flow Control
  • 2 Fountain heads and 12" Diverter and Telescopic Riser Superglo, ultra efficient LED light
  • 2 Silk Water Lilies
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty